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The Jesusis4 Foundation, Inc. serving Jesus Is! Ministries, Inc.

The Jesusis4 Foundation, Inc. serving Jesus Is! Ministries, Inc.

The Jesusis4 Foundation, Inc. serving Jesus Is! Ministries, Inc. The Jesusis4 Foundation, Inc. serving Jesus Is! Ministries, Inc.


Testimonies of those who have been helped by Jesus Is! Ministries

   December 2019

To judge people today is without a doubt

A curse here on earth

Just take one minute, one hour, one day

To see it for what it’s worth

A waste of your time

A waste of your mind

A waste of your feeling

And definitely a waste of your time for healing

No longer made to feel inadequate, insecure

Or unclean

Today I focus on me, my walk, and in my eye

The beam

From the cars to the bars

And from the clubs to the pubs

The only thing I truly sought was God’s Love

So today I’m on God’s mission

As for Peace, Love and Joy, I’ll stop wishin’

And I’ll get down on both knees

And show some respect

And pray He will restore one of his children who thought they were wrecked

My heart, His tablet is where it is written

So I listen intently, so tired of being corrected, reproached and smitten

These tough hard lonely lessons

I wish none should bare

But what He did for us all on the cross

Just does not compare

So these new feelings of love peace and nothing broken

Back then, if you told me was possible

I’d say you were jokin’

So now with both hands 

I’ll hold on to His promises of Salvation

Instead of the lies from the devil

Of life eternal in condemnation.

So when things are rough and you’re feeling down and out

Just read the book, believe and know

With God, dedication and submission

We win this bout!


Broken hearted, teary eyed, many nights I wished I died

Lost abroad on eerie streets on my way to self defeat

A different beat was on my drum. I searched for much but I had none.

All alone without a bone, rambling on without a home, I was lost in self, I was lost in me. I lost so much I could not see. On the brink of sudden death, on the brink of my last breath, so, so hurting, so, so stressed. I’ve done been east and I’ve done been west, On the top, now the bottom. I heard a voice long forgotten. Come to Me My sweet dear child, you’ve been lost among the wild. A special place for you I’ve chosen, a special love to keep you hoping. At that moment so surreal, at that moment Christ I feeled. A cold, cold tear rolled down my face. The angels must have been singing Amazing Grace. I once was lost. Now I’m found. My soul was searching. Now it’s sound. I once was lost like a sheep astray, but I made it out that miry clay. I here today and glad to say its all because… Someone Prayed!! James 5:16 B.K.

1-26-18          When I was younger I watched my mom and dad fight a lot. My dad was physically abusive to my mom, brother, sister and me. When I got older my parents split up and I never saw my dad that much. My mom was always working so I was with my aunt most of the time. Me, my sister and brother went to church a lot with her every Wednesday and Sunday until she died. I didn’t know she was sick with cancer until after she died and mom told us. In my mind I thought God was the cause of it so I quit going to church. A short time after that I started smoking pot, hanging with the wrong crowd, coming home with bad grades, got into fights then started drinking and that’s when it turned real bad. I started to get arrested to juvie, then jail, then prison but after all that I still drank and drank more. I felt like there was no end of darkness so I tried to commit myself. I said I was going to kill myself and got Baker Acted numerous times so my mom put a Marchman Act on me. That means I have to do classes r find a rehab or I go to jail so my mom finds this place for me and I know it was not an accident. It was God, so I know now since I been here for almost eight months God brung me back to Him. He put me through them situations and problems so I could find Him again and now I know that He took my aunt to a better place because she was in serious pain and she’s home now. I gotta new fleshly dad and my family is happy now and I got my new spiritual father which art in heaven and I can’t wait for His return. F.E.

1-29-18           I’ve always known of God and believed but in day to day life at points I have left Him out. In 2006 I was a paramedic responding to a medical emergency. While responding we went through an intersection and a young man ran a red light at a high rate of speed. He hit us causing our EMS unit to go across two lines of oncoming traffic before resting on the driver’s side. God was definitely with us that day. First off, there was no one in the oncoming traffic lanes. Secondly, to see our EMS unit you would have thought there is no way anyone could have survived. My partner and I both survived, both airlifted to a trauma center where we both recovered. If it wasn’t for God and His guardian angels we would not be here today. God has power over any situation and can work miracles through each and every one of us, every day!! Z.S.

Before I came to Jesus Is! I was a broken mess. I had been using drugs since I was 15 years old and have been a miserable child since then. Now nine years later I am 24 and have been happier and stronger than I have ever been. All thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I have been blessed with joy, opportunity, love and the Lord has sincerely changed me. Jesus Christ not only saved me from bondage and misery, He has all blessed me with more than I could ever have even imagined or hoped for. Sister and Pastor, you have been the best adopted parents I have ever had and I love you both very, very much! Thank you Christ Jesus, my Savior, and my Father God for pulling me from the darkness and into the light. Let Your will be done forever and ever. Amen. Love A.M.

1-26-18         When I got here to Jesus Is! Ministries I knew I had to be here. I’ve only been here ten days but I already feel better about my life and my future. I’m married and have a 14 yr old step son and they are wonderful. I have been very selfish for many years and taking advantage of them while in my addiction. I knew before coming here I needed to get sober but I didn’t know how much emotional damage and spiritual damage I have don to myself and my family. I believe I am learning how to have a better relationship with Jesus, our Savior who will help me to be a better father, husband and all around better person. I am confident that our future will be blessed. R.M.

     I thank God for giving me another chance in life. Before I came to Jesus Is! I had no boundaries. I leaned that respect and morals about my self through Jesus Christ it brung me peace and joy. I thought that drugs and alcohol is but isn’t just the problems but living in sin was the real problem. Today I stand righteous and rooted. Thank God for Jesus Is!. It also teaching me how to be a productive member of society and stand as a man of God. Thanks. T.C.

     I’m not sure how to write a testimonial so it came to me to ask around. Well, that gave me a bunch of definitions and several ideas. To be honest, I am still no closer to truly understanding what exactly to write. The basic idea was what has God done for me in my life and while here for the last two weeks. I could explain or dwell on all the bad things that have happened to me throughout my life (Foster homes, abuse, prison, etc., etc.) or try to discover the silver lining in this cloud which is real hard for me to do! But this testimonial is what the Lord has blessed me with. He has blessed me with a successful business since 2003, provided the money for a beautiful home for me and a house for my daughter. I thought He blessed me with a solid woman but she turned out to be satan’s bride and not from the Lord at all. With all that said, the Lord has removed my blinders and revealed to me the true nature of the people around me and lead me to here. I am hoping and praying that Jesus Is! Ministries is the silver lining that will wash away the hurt, pain, guilt and abuse and place me on a journey to a better relationship with Jesus Christ my Savior. R.F.

   What I have learned so far at Jesus Is! My testimony is quite simple. It’s about trust and faith. Who do you know that stops their car before crossing a bridge? I don’t know anyone that does. They have a built in faith in the bridge that it won’t cave in. Or if you go into a restaurant do you examine a chair first before sitting down? No, you have faith the chair will hold you. So why can’t we have faith in God Who created it all? Man can make a lot of machines but he can’t make one that can make water. He may be able to make a machine that can come up with a cloud but water is only made by God. T.O.

I was raised to believe in God and in the church from a young age saying my first sinners prayer at the age of 3. I attended a private Christian school and for most of my childhood my faith was childlike and unquestionable. In my teenage years I fell away from God in pursuit of my own desires. I began to have a negative view of life, people and God. After several years of going down this path to death I came to the realization that God was the only way, truth and light in life. My friends robbed me and neither them nor myself cared about me. S I’ve been trying to get my life with God back since. M.E.

I was offered the opportunity to come to Jesus Is! to get back my heart right with Jesus. J. Q. 

2-15-18       Homosassa, FL  God has done so much in my life and it took me coming here to Jesus Is! to find Him again. In 2000 I lost my grandparent and my Dad in 6 months, went through a divorce from an abusive husband and had a major surgery. My addiction began that year and slowly progressed until I hit bottom in 2016. I always felt like something was missing in my life. I used drugs to numb the hurt and pain. In 2009 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away. The emptiness and pain only got worse and I was really mad at God. Two weeks after my mom passed I was told by the doctor I had stage 3 cancer. I had stopped using 6 months before and after having two major surgeries and a year of chemo, I was taking a lot of meds. At first I took them as prescribed but after several months I was spiraling down into severe addiction again. I was in deep depression and things were so bad in my life. I would often think things would be so much better if I just went to sleep and never woke up. The only time I didn’t feel the hurt and pain and emptiness was when I used. I was looking for earthly things to fill that emptiness. I knew I had many things in my life to thank God for but I couldn’t get past all that had happened in my life through the years. It wasn’t until I came here that I understood all the loss and pain and suffering. I do know that God never punished me or turned His back on me.  He was with me all the time. I am so thankful He opened my eyes to see, my ears to hear and my heart to love. I have the strength to love again and to be loved. I’m finally happy. I have learned so much about God. I still have a long way to go but I know if I always put God first everything else will fall in place. L.B.

Looking back on my life I know the Lord was always with me. Through all of my trying times whether I was right or wrong things always worked out. I have learned God is good all the time.  I have been near death two times in my life, one overdose and the other was when I broke my c2, c3 vertebrae. I could have been paralyzed or dead but there was a reason for me to be here today. I had a halo on and in the hospital for about 2 months and still sent back out to use. I have been through a very controlling and abusive marriage that was so difficult to deal with. The very person I did not like in my ex-husband I became when I was with him. It takes a lot of strength and prayer to overcome some of those demons. I have also learned you become like the company you keep. I have some great people who have always been supportive when I was doing right and living right but they had to love and pray for me from a distance. I found when I was at my lowest many times the only place to look was up. I have had money and all the worldly things that people look at as being successful or some look up to but found money can be the root of all evil. I know God’s timing is everything and He does not give us more than we can handle. I went to a treatment center about 4 years ago in Malibu, California called Canyon. I was and am thankful for that experience because I learned a lot about myself there. I had doctors, therapists, EMDR therapists, psychiatrists, all organic food, equaline therapy with horses and all the worldly things and not one person there wanted to go to church on Sudays. All of that was helpful at the time but I was all about appearances and money. Had I come to Jesus Is! at that time I would not have lasted a day. I had to lose everything to get to where I am today to appreciate Jesus Is. I feel the Lord looks more on our hearts than anything. Although I have lived wrong I feel I have loved right and had to go through it all to appreciate all the answered and unanswered prayers. I don’t regret all of my struggles in my life for once. I am thankful for them because I have learned to count my blessings and it’s made me much stronger and wiser. The Lord uses broken people to help other broken people and have found a peace in my heart I haven’t had my entire life. I thank the Lord for my life, my blessings and for Jesus Is!. My favorite Psalm is the footprints poem but can’t remember it all. Luke 6:35-38, Psalm 9:10, Ephesians 2:8. Thank you all for all you do. T.A.  

2-17-18           I’ve been a sinner and an addict since I was 15. The even sadder part is I’ve been a mother since I was 15 as well. I’m 22 now and my life has completely spiraled out of control. I would give every single little thing to get it back. Every thing. I got pregnant at 14. I was so young. So, so young. My daughter is everything beautiful and perfect. Her dad and I stayed together through my pregnancy and then 5 years after that, he worked and I dropped out of school. We rented a beautiful house. I was a “perfect” (close to it) fiancée and mom, or I tried to be five years until I turned 20. The devil got a hold of me and I felt incomplete. I wanted to run, escape. All I did since I was 14 was be a mother and a wife. It’s so crazy how in the blink of an eye everything can change. The devil convinced me that I wanted more, needed more. The looks I would get if I simply walked into a store with my daughter, the judgments cast, gave me anxiety. I convinced myself I needed medication to cope with it. My doctor prescribed a lot of it. It was too easy to get. My husband knew and hated it so I hid it and started to hide more and more things from him. He developed a drinking problem and the fighting was constant. I’d give anything to go back and shake myself, wave a fist in my face and tell me to stop. All the things I did, all the things I didn’t do and should have done. I turned into a different person and everyone around me noticed but me. One day I had enough, flushed the pills, told my husband but he was over me. I don’t blame him. I had a grand mall seizure from quitting abruptly, terrified my daughter, split my head, and stopped my heart. My mother moved us far away, my husband remarried, filed for custody of our daughter and won because I could not afford a lawyer and it broke me. I haven’t seen my daughter in six months and it’s hard to breathe. All I want is to die. I’d give anything to go back and know what I know now. I can’t stray from God. I need to get closer like I was as a child. I grew up in a Christian home. I lost everything and everyone I loved in just a few years. I know I can’t go back. All I can do is pray, trust God, let go and let God. I have a hard time talking about the serious things. It’s hard, it’s really hard. I’m only five days in. J.M.

2-17-18 From childhood things were always done to me. By age 16 I started using drugs thinking it would be an answer to everything, which it wasn’t. I met my children’s father at 18 had two wonderful children and a good marriage for a long time. We slowly grew apart. I took the children, met someone else and what was good for a while turned very bad. I had my husband get the children so they would not see anything. I left that situation and met another even worse. The drugs took over and I came to Jesus Is! about nine years ago. I wasn’t ready and was dismissed. This time I was ready, I asked God for help and He is back in my heart and soul. That’s so great. I used to say I have this, but God has this. Amen!! Thank You. J.H.

2-17-18      I came from a Godly family. At 4 years old I received Christ in my heart. I knew He was real. Growing up my family started breaking apart. My father who was an addict long ago which I didn’t learn until recently, started again and turmoil, chaos and poverty took over. Anger rose in me and I took it out on myself, hurting myself and trying to run away. I lost faith in God and turned my back because my anger was so strong. I never wanted to be home and I started to dabble in drugs. I hated everything around me. I couldn’t keep jobs, just wanted to party and went away with a man I had just met, lived with him six months and became pregnant. I thought it was the end of the world. Little did I know it was just the beginning.  We married, I embraced our child thinking I could have a fresh start on life. I loved her very much but returned to alcohol with my husband until one day I have enough, dumped all the alcohol, he assaulted me and I called the police. He was sent to jail for a year. I was so heartbroken I couldn’t live, began heavy drug use, began neglecting my child and lost her to DCF. I saw that as a green light to go wild. The shame was so deep and I was so numb from the drugs I removed all standards thieving, prostituting and living on the streets. I thought I would die this way. I got arrested three times in the same month. After that I was in and out of detox. I felt so lost and alone. I came to Jesus Is! … T.N.

I came to Jesus Is! on October 02, 2017. I was broken in spirit and torn apart by choices I had made do to my addictions and selfishness. I lost friends, family, employment. I lost the children God gave me to love and teach about him, but worst of all I lost my relationship with my Jesus and being brought up in Church by Godly parents that loved me and taught me the Truth of God’s Word. I was depressed and miserable but coming to Jesus Is has changed me in so many ways, God working through this ministry and the love and patience shown to me through the people here. God Almighty is restoring everything back to me slowly so I can appreciate His blessings on my life. Before coming to this ministry I wasn’t allowed to see or talk to my children but I’m able to talk to them and was able to see them and visit with them for the first time in six months on January 14th and God is restoring my family and friends back to my life because of obedience to His Word and the Help of this ministry, but it’s not over I know without a doubt that there is a lot more good to come!! The wonderful thing is that I’m learning about my Jesus. He always returns to us what our adversary took from us in His time and In His Way!! God’s grace always returns what guilt has stolen from us. I’m learning through loss that God is in control and that all things work out if I give it to Him and allow Him to do it His Way. I’m learning that sometimes we learn to lose to Win!! Sometimes We Win and sometimes We Learn. Jesus could have chosen to take everything and not return it to me but He chose to show me Mercy and Favor!! So I want to give my Jesus All the Credit and Praise! For His hand on My Life. Thank You Jesus and this Ministry. Sincerely D.E.

            1-26-18 You know that God woke me up this morning and started my day…! Amen. But most of all He leaded my foot steps and path back here to Jesus Is! Ministries to really get my walk back with and my relationship with Him…! And since I been back here on these Holy Grounds God has been opening doors for me and answering all my prayers…! Amen! J.C.

So much to be thankful for. Growing up parents and grandparents and great grands all who loved me and prayed for me. I was raised up Southern Baptist Fire and Brimstone. About age 14 parents got divorced so I was pretty much on my own. I could do whatever I wanted. I lost the Lord but He didn’t leave me. Later in life I got married and tried to get back to the Lord but at the time was not ready. Then God sent a special blessing to me, my son which I’m very proud of. He has 3 more years and can retire from the Army. God has blessed me with a beautiful grand daughter. A few years later got married a second time. Still haven’t got back to Jesus but God gave me a beautiful daughter and she has given me a handsome grandson. The Lord has always been there for me in times of jail, car wreck, in times of bad colds, etc. Then in 2012 down and out. Drinking had took over my life and I knew I need help. All other Rehabs helped for only a very short time. Then a man talked to me and my boss about a place in Florida called Jesus Is! On the way down I remember not wanting to come. I just wanted to stay in my misery. But after getting here things started to change. I started changing. I could feel God’s love. That’s when I got to meet Pastor and Sister Adams. Got to help them with some of their projects and got real close to them. After 90 days I stayed for 7 more days. In 2014 I returned back to Jesus Is! I done three 90’s then became Staff. One of the best things I ever done. I got real close to God. He blessed me with all the Adams family. Let me remodel and improve their homes. Let me have a family that really cares and loves me. He blessed me as Staff to pick and choose my words when someone has a problem to help them walk it out. Thank you Jesus. Now it’s 2018. So glad to be back home. It’s God’s blessing and His saving Grace that I’m back to do His calling in my life. I can’t wait to be staff again so I can better help the men and staff and the ministry. I thank Jesus for all things. M.R.

Healed through laying on of hands at Jesus Is! Ministries. A brain map had shown right frontal lobe brain damage. I have no brain damage now. The fact that I can even focus to write a testimony is part of my testimony. Before I came to Jesus Is! Ministries I was told that I had right frontal lobe brain damage. I was really afraid that Jesus Is! Ministries wouldn’t be able to help me. I visualized being told that someone with brain damage would require more “special needs”. Before I write any more of this testimony I right now am feeling the Holy Spirit within me and the words I hear are the words I have been told to thin which are my brain is completely healed in Jesus Name.  I have been in the prayer lines here at Jesus Is! Ministries and been told I have the mind of Christ.  I am so filled right now with the Holy Spirit as I write and God says to me now in my spirit these words, my testimony is this, I came to Jesus Is! Ministries with “Brain Damage”. I am leaving Jesus Is! Ministries with “The Mind of Christ”. Please share this testimony to help others. G.C.H.

I wrapped two motorcycles around 2 telegram poles. The second one I was in critical condition. I have a twisted lower spine but God saw fit for me to walk and live. T.  

Well when I was growing up my parents went to church pretty much every weekend. Then when I was 13 we stopped going. When I turned 15 my mom left my dad and us kids. My dad was using drugs so I pretty much started raising myself. I moved in with my nana when I was 18. Not long after that I got in a car accident and by the grace of God I survived although I had to have my spleen removed and that was the start of my addiction from prescription meds t harder drugs. Now a couple weeks before I came here I picked up a Bible that I found in the shed. I believe I did that ‘cause in my heart I knew I needed help. Now five days before I got here my mom caring for me told me to go to The Centers or she was going to Marchman Act me. So when I was in The Centers at Ocala the Lord touched my heart. I’ve known about Jesus Is! for a year before I got here so I called my mom  and told her I’m sick of this life I been living. So I got here and the Lord has taught me about forgiveness, peace, joy. My mom and my relationship wasn’t that good when I got here but thanks to the Lord my mom comes every weekend and the Lord is working on my relationship with my dad right now. So I just wanna thank God for peace, joy, family restoration and everything that I don’t see. B.C.

First off let me start by saying “Praise Jesus” I am even alive!! I am a whopping 27 years old and I feel 77!! I am broken down, heartbroken, and well beyond my years in all aspects. I have been raised in the church and know for certain that God has not only a calling on my life but a HUGE one at that. I was born in into the lifestyle of addiction with not just one but two parents with addiction issues. My father was and still is to this day a functioning alcoholic. I was always under the impression that alcoholism was normal and just a way of life. While growing up drugs, abuse and alcohol were normal to me until I got around others and their lifestyles and noticed it wasn’t. At age 11 my life was altered tremendously due to sexual abuse and from then on it was a coping mechanism to ease the pain and misery and also an excuse to abuse alcohol even though at that point I pretty much knew it was wrong. Life was rocky from my teenage years and even though I always, always knew God was there to love and protect me I was a bit angry in a sense because I felt like He had allowed those bad things to happen to me. I know now that those things were permitted to happen tome in order to fulfill God’s purpose and testimonies for my life. This will be my fifth rehab sadly and this time I am fully submitted and open to all that God has in store for me. I was making excuses and allowing the devil to rule and deceive and whisper that I was unworthy and incapable of being the woman of God that He intended. I was in a faith based rehab and the Lord blessed me with a precious child. I named him Joseph which to my knowledge means unceasing faith. I haven’t been the best mother and I’m so regretful for not being in his life full time like I should which created major, major guilt and made me feel terrible. It has created the excuses again to use. I’ve been to prison, foreign countries, living hell, the streets and everywhere in between. I’m alive and here now as a God fearing woman and am ready and willing to submit to all that God has for me and to finally be the mother and woman of God that I know I can be. I fully believe “that who the Son sets free is free indeed”. J.L.C.

I was born in 1997. My mother has always been a great, hard working, kind hearted, God fearing woman although she didn’t always live right she’s always took me to church when she could and she always told me about Jesus. She left my dad because he was an addict and she didn’t want me around that lifestyle. I was 12-13 when I started smoking pot occasionally in middle school, but I wasn’t doing anything else. I never was gonna do anything. I swore up and down. I knew my dad was a “druggie” and saw my brother (who’s my whole world) have everything then lose it all to drugs so I hated it!  I was in school, made good grades, was a good kid until my brother started going in and out of jail and being gone. He’s been the only father figure and stable male in my life until my step dad. I didn’t trust my step dad until 14 or 15 because my mom’s different boyfriends beat us and be mean. So I hated them but my stepfather was different. I just didn’t trust anyone. We’re close though as I got older. In high school 9th grade I did okay until the end and I went crazy skipping school and being hateful. I got really addicted a month before I came here and was spending my free time from work to get high. I hated myself and wanted to die. I stayed away from home so I didn’t hurt my family anymore and let them see me bad. I quit my jobs because I was ashamed and didn’t want them to think I was less of a person because I liked drugs. I almost died driving a couple times but my praying momma and angels kept me safe and here. I went to church and told my Pastor’s wife I needed help because I had an addiction and didn’t want to be alive. I came to Jesus Is! 2 months ago and realized the voice I heard was God and He was always with me wanting me to come back to Him. I wished I listened to God before I got so bad but I’m thankful God never left me while I was lost, depressed and turning to everything but Him. I’m glad I’m here because I’m saved and rededicated my life to Christ and I have a new outlook on life and I realize I can’t do it without Him. Instead of turning from Him when things get rough I need to turn to Him and that’s where I went wrong. I turned to the world instead of Daddy God. Since being here He’s restored my family bringing me into His Word again and helping me overcome things as well as myself. I want to be close to Him and have a real close relationship with Him again. He saved my life and I never did drugs and thought my friends were idiots because I saw it ruin my brother’s life. When I was 16-17 I went and got my GED finished when I was 18, before my class even graduated. My real dad passed away in 2013. I was hurt because God took him but I knew he was saved and going to heaven. I started drinking real bad because I hung out with older people 20 to 30 years old. It broke my family’s heart so I stopped. My mom definitely had to be praying. I worked, saved money, helped pay bills and had a car. I hung around the wrong people and tried several drugs I didn’t even like the first time and was scared to try it but I had acceptance issues and wanted to fit in. Then I became addicted to the numbness because I had so much  built up pain. The devil caught me at my weaknesses and made me become addicted. Every time I was sad or hurt I’d get high any chance I could. Anytime I didn’t have drugs I’d cry because I’d feel the pain and not be high to numb it. I’d sleep so I didn’t go to the drugs. My mom always prayed with me and help but I’d push her away by being mean and hateful. She never stopped praying and loving me, taking me to church because she loves me. He called me to a higher purpose and has great plans for my life. When I leave I want to / I will stay strong in the Lord and never give up hope regardless of what life throws at me. I know with God I’ll be okay! I want to go back to school for a Pediatric Nurse and get a job as a CNA, stay in church and tell people about the amazing God I serve Who saved a wretch like me. I’m so thankful and blessed I’m one of the chosen ones. I’m blessed God loves no matter what and He forgives. I’m thankful He saved me, and brought me here to seek Him and heal. And I’m blessed He gave me an amazing mother and step dad that supports me and believes in God too!

I was born on Martin Luther King’s birthday January 15th. Not only does my last name mean God’s chosen people! (Christians) I know I have some big shoes to fill. I believe God my Father in heaven put His toughest soldiers through trials and tribulations to prepare them to do His works! I no longer live in darkness and have once again given my life over to my Heavenly Father. He really knows how to get our attention! Knowing I wasn’t living right I had no rest! I’ve failed many of times, but God reached His hand down to his daughter (me…) and pulled me from the enemy hands! Thank you Jesus! I have 3 beautiful children that God has blessed me with that needs a powerful woman (mother) of God to raise them. I know that He’s not finished with me yet! So stay tuned in…(my saints). Even when it seems there is no way! Know that God can made a way! Learn how to break free of regret and embrace His vision for what your life can become! I am more than a conqueror, God will provide my every need! I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me! Love, your daughter L.I.

“One of The Chosen Ones” I was born February 12, 1970 to a Southern Baptist Pentecostal Preacher who was on fire for God and a devoted Pastor’s wife, my young parents who have sold their selves out to the Lord. February 10, 1970 the doctors advised my parents that there wasn’t anything they could do, they were going to lose their second child sometime through the night. My daddy left to have a long talk with the Lord in the hospital room next to my Mother as she couldn’t do anything but try to make it through excruciating pain and tears. My Daddy got on his knees on the cold icy hospital floor and pleaded with God if He let his baby live he would train her up to live for Him. As a peaceful feeling swept through him 8 hours later, he knew God was going to let her live. She was born 1 day later. Daddy made his promise good as he preached the gospel, always bringing her to church every time the doors were open This lasted till she moved out 18 years later. That was me. Daddy never sugar coated the fact the devil was going to be harder on me since I was one of the chosen ones who was called to preach the gospel and follow in his foot steps. Boy, was he right. I watched as my Daddy sold his whole self out to the Lord, always listening to a Bible story every night at bedtime to him taking off with only his guitar and Bible to missionary across the world telling the world that Jesus saves. I fell into the devil’s temptation doing drugs and delighting myself in the ways of the world, Daddy steadily praying all night as I was out still being up praying at daylight as I would stagger home. Reaping with drugs and alcohol it was never a pleasant time as I still had all my teaching and the Holy Ghost deep within my soul. Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it. I was living proof. I came to Jesus Is! in Feb 1997. Beat down and thirsty. I immediately rededicated myself as my Daddy dripped me off that Friday night. Mom was preaching. I felt instantly at home. Daddy stayed with the men even though Mom and Dad insisted he stay in the camper. I completed my 90 days singing “I saw the light and I god One More River to Cross”. I left, moved back home, married and had a beautiful daughter who I immediately took to church starting when she was 2 weeks old. I remember saying, “But Daddy… I’m tired. She’s in the nursery, she’s sooo young.” Then to hear Daddy  say, “Oh yes, she knows where she is and God knows too.” I continued to raise my daughter to live for Jesus even though  was slipping. I fell for the world’s worldly ways once again and again. I was never happy always trying to fill that void I carried around on a daily basis. I knew exactly what would fill it but had been battling the evil thing called addiction which to where I had lost everything to. The devil was still fighting his hardest for my soul. He fought for years seeming to have won as I got to my lowest. My daughter woke me up two Fridays ago as she prepared to help me find my way back to the Mother who took her to church all her life, as my Mother already had purchased me the bus ticket. I was on my way back to Jesus Is! once again in my life. The devil woke me up late and working his hardest to keep me from my trip. After a terrible argument with my daughter, she dropped me off, shunning my hug and leaving me with the words “You’re the mother, act like it” which has left a hole in my heart cause of the pain I have caused my precious Angel. But I know it will be all worth it to keep my commitment with the Lord, not just for 90 days but for eternity. I know what will work and its Jesus. I know there will be trials and tribulations that come with my walk but I am strong. Am one of The Chosen Ones. I am here now facing battles I didn’t realize I would have but the devil wasn’t going to make this easy on me. I am ready to follow in my Daddy’s foot steps being a witness for Jesus. Daddy, who has gone on to be with the Lord would be proud. He is proud as I even feel his spirit in this place. Thank You, Lord for You are an Awesome God. Thank You for saving my soul and bringing me out of the fiery clay. I pry, I deep my eyes on You and remember why I am here and not to get distracted by other things here not pleasing to You for this is a place for You. Let me remember that. Most importantly have You look at me as your child You are will pleased of. That’s what matters. That I make it to heaven and my daughter and loved ones make it to heaven. That should be our main goal. (Let them understand, Lord.) K.A.

Jesus Is! really saved my life by taking me in. Originally I came here on probation but slowly but surely Jesus Is! saved my faith. If it weren’t for them I would never had faith in the Lord. Now I make sure I read at least one chapter minimum every day just to keep in tune with the Lord. I can’t wait to leave this place to have people see how much I changed and can’t wait to see what doors the Lord will open for me. I strive to live a more positive Christ driven life that will not only benefit me but the people around me.

In God’s Hand(1-28-18)

As I look back upon my life

I can clearly see,

That every step that I have made

God’s Hand has been on me.

When I was really down and out

Life’s rope had reached its end,

He’d hold me tightly in His arms

More closely than a friend.

Through all the pain and every hurt

Of gut wrenching agony

He’d send someone with gentle hands

To wipe all the tears from me.

The more I’d fight to keep afloat

The deeper I would sink

I’d call Your Name, You’d lay ahold

You wouldn’t even think.

So I press into my destiny

By faith not what I see

And I will no longer be afraid

God’s Hand will be on me.

By C.M.A.